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UK: Inside Job - Creating a market for real work in prison 13th June 2011

A new report from Policy Exchange outlines how prisoners who work a full 40-hour week could contribute to victim compensation, pay tax and establish a 'resettlement fund' for when they are released. Read more

UK: No Winners - The reality of short term prison sentences 8th June 2011

A new report from the Howard League of Penal Reform and the Prison Governors Association in the UK has found that prisoners prefer short term sentences to community service because they are easier. Read more

UK: 'Reforming Women's Justice' - new report from Women's Justice Taskforce 6th June 2011

A new report from the Women's Justice Taskforce and the Prison Reform Trust includes strong recommendations on how to reform the way in which women's offending is addressed, and makes a strong economic case for change. Read more

Europe: Children of Imprisoned Parents 25th May 2011

A new report highlights the experiences of children of imprisoned parents in the EU. Read more

U.S: Supreme Court orders California to release tens of thousands of prison inmates 24th May 2011

The supreme court in the US has ordered one of the largest prison release orders in the history of the country, reports the 'LA Times'. Read more

UK: Prison Reform Trust report - 'Time Well Spent' 16th May 2011

A new report from the Prison Reform Trust highlights the impact that volunteering and active citizenship have on the prison population. Read more

UK: Ministry of Justice: Compendium of re-offending statistics and analysis 10th May 2011

A new report published today highlights the impact short sentences have on re-offending rates. Read more

US: Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 10th May 2011

The latest analysis from the US Department of State on human rights practices in Ireland. Read more

US Report: Recidivism and the Revolving Door in American Prisons 14th April 2011

A US study has found that four in ten offenders in the US return to state prisons within three years of their release Read more

UK: Improving Prisoners' Family Ties 13th April 2011

A new report from New Philanthropy Capital in the UK highlights the importance of maintaining family ties while in prison. Read more


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