The work of IPRT is led by a number of standards developed by international bodies, organisations and courts in relation to imprisonment and wider issues of the State’s penal policy. In particular, our work is based on the commitment to implement in Ireland a human rights-based approach to penal policy.

With this in mind, IPRT’s research, policy and awareness-raising campaigns are developed to support and monitor the implementation in the context of penal policy in Ireland of the United Nations and Council of Europe standards.

The IPRT is also committed to the promotion of best practice examples that have proved effective in other jurisdictions. To this end, we aim to provide a comprehensive library of good practices that can be accessed and used by practitioners, academics, prisoners, and anyone else interested in penal reform and penal policy. The Library is updated on a regular basis to take into account most recent developments in this area.

HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for England and Wales Publishes Annual Report 2016-2017 18th July 2017

The Inspector’s report analyses the positives and the negatives occurring in the previous year by highlighting issues that appear in the 86 individual inspection reports on prisons, police custody suites, immigration removal centres and other custodial establishments published by the Inspectorate throughout the year 2016-2017. Read more

UK: The Howard League for Penal Reform and the Transition to Adulthood (T2A), 'Judging Maturity: exploring the role of maturity in the sentencing of young adults' 18th July 2017

A new Report by The Howard League for Penal Reform and the Transition to Adulthood (T2A) Alliance calls on sentencing council to work towards developing formal sentencing principles for young adults, similar to the principles that are already in place for sentencing children. Read more

Prisons and Probation Ombudsman Publishes Annual Report 2016-2017 13th July 2017

The Ombudsman’s report highlights the figures relating to fatal incidents occurring in the last year across the various places of detention and organisations that come under the remit of the Ombudsman’s office. The report outlines some of the necessary steps that need to be taken in relation to risk assessment,… Read more

Penal Reform International Annual Report 2016 5th July 2017

Penal Reform International (PRI) have launched their Annual Report for 2016. This Annual Report reflects the progress have made in the past year with reference to their Strategic Plan 2015-2020: Read more

UK:'PPO's learning lessons bulletin: Older Prisoners' 26th June 2017

The Probation & Prisons Ombudsman of England and Wales, Nigel Newcomen, launched his latest ‘Learning Lessons Bulletin’, which offers insights and recommendations to the prison service with regards to dealing with older prisoners. Read more

Scotland: Families Outside Report on National Framework for Prison Visitors’ Centres in Scotland 19th June 2017

Families Outside have recently published their report on the National Performance Framework for Prison Visitors’ Centres in Scotland. In 2015 the Scottish Government announced that it would be providing £1.8 million over a three-year period to assist the work of Prison Visitor Centres. Any Prison Visitor Centre seeking funding from… Read more

Prison Reform Trust UK Launch 'Out for Good' Report 2nd June 2017

A new report published on 2nd June 2017 by the Prison Reform Trust details findings of a two-year programme at HMP Brixton set up to give practical training and employment opportunities for prisoners and to develop ways in which prisons can set up sustainable training and employment networks to aid… Read more

Penal Reform International launch their Global Prison Trends 2017 Report 25th May 2017

Penal Reform International have launched their Global Prison Trends 2017 report in which they have analysed certain trends that have commonality across global penal institutions. They have found some progressive advancements and positive trends but they have also found some trends that are a cause of concern most notably the… Read more

Council of Europe Produce 'Compendium of Conventions, Recommendations and Resolutions relating to Prisons and Community Sanctions and Measures' 1st May 2017

The Council of Europe have produced a 'Compendium of Conventions, Recommendations and Resolutions relating to prisons, community sanctions and measures' which contains rules, regulations and guidelines supporting European best practice on prison administration and community sanctions. Read more

UK: 'PPO’s learning lessons bulletin: self-inflicted deaths among female prisoners’ 28th March 2017

UK Prisons and Probation Ombudsman Nigel Newcomen has highlighted a “lack of concerted and sustained action” following a rise in the number of suicides among female prisoners. Read more

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