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IPRT Internship Programme


IPRT offers internship and summer placement opportunities to students and practitioners interested in, and wanting to contribute to, the work of the organisation.

We are committed to offering internship opportunities throughout the year to support our policy, research, advocacy and campaigning activities.

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Internships with IPRT are usually offered on a 5-month basis, working 17-21 hours a week over 2-3 days. Shorter placements may also be offered in some circumstances, for instance where a placement can be linked to a specific project within IPRT.

We also offer one summer placement, working 28 hours per week over 4 days for July/August.

Internships are unpaid, and it is important to note that IPRT will not be in a position to contribute to interns’ costs of living or accommodation in Dublin. Due to the limitations on staff time and office facilities, we are only able to offer two placements at any given time.

Policy and Advocacy Internship Programme:

In November 2014, we revised the structure of our internship placements based on: organisational need; the wider work environment; and also the day-to-day experience of IPRT interns. Whereas previously interns worked in the discrete areas of Research & Policy and Campaigns & Communications, from November 2014 we are offering two placements in the area of Policy and Advocacy. This better reflects the dynamism at the heart of IPRT's work, where everything we do has campaigning for progressive change at its centre. Full details on what you can expect from an internship with IPRT are included in the Policy & Guidelines document below.

IPRT usually runs 2 Part-Time Policy & Advocacy internships from September-January and February-June (2.5-3 days per week) as well as a summer programme full-time (4 days) for July-August.

The February-June Internships are usually advertised in November of the previous year, and the June-January and summer Internships are usually advertised in April.

Application Process:

 Completed application forms should be sent, with a recent CV, to: info@iprt.ie.

Application Procedures:

For queries about the IPRT internship programme, please contact: info@iprt.ie