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Irish Examiner: Ahern ‘fully committed’ to Community Service Scheme report 20th October 2009

On a very practical level, wider use of community service has the potential to significantly reduce the pressure on the Irish Prison Service. Read more

Irish Times 'Project diverted 91 mentally ill prisoners.' 17th October 2009

Results indicate that the Prison Inreach and Court Liaison Service based in Cloverhill prison have successfully diverted 91 mentally ill prisoners to community based treatment in 2008. Read more

Today FM: Worst overcrowding in living memory? 16th October 2009

The increase in numbers in Irish prisons is about to get out of control. Liam Herrick spoke to Matt Cooper on yesterday's 'The Last Word'... Read more

Irish Times: 'Number of Prison inmates exceeds 4,000 for first time' 15th October 2009

"The number of prisoners in Irish jails has exceeded 4,000 for the first time in the history of the state," by Conor Lally. Read more

RTÉ Primetime: "Appalling conditions in Dublin's Mountjoy Prison" 7th October 2009

IPRT's Liam Herrick appeared on RTÉ's Primetime in a report and discussion on conditions at Mountjoy Prison. Read more

Sunday Tribune: Call for action on jail overcrowding 27th September 2009

The Irish Penal Reform Trust has said the government must act on overcrowding and unsanitary conditions inside jails. Read more

Irish Examiner: Irish prisons 'in breach of human rights standards' 26th September 2009

The Irish Penal Reform Trust has said this week's report from the Inspector of Prisons describes shocking conditions which are both unacceptable and in breach of human rights standards. Read more

Irish Examiner: Report should act as a "watershed" 25th September 2009

"We need a clear statement from the minister that he will commit to addressing the urgent issues identified in this report," Liam Herrick tells the Irish Examiner. Read more

Irish Times: Mountjoy overcrowding highlighted 24th September 2009

IPRT calls for the Minister to commit to action following the Mountjoy Prison Inspection Report, Jason Michael reports in 'The Irish Times'. Read more

RTÉ Drivetime: Mountjoy Prison Report an "incredibly grim picture" 24th September 2009

Liam Herrick talks to Mary Wilson on RTÉ's Drivetime about the "incredibly grim picture" contained in the findings of the Inspector of Prisons' report on Mountjoy Prison. Read more


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