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Letter to the Editor, Irish Times: "McCarthy report reaction" 28th July 2009

One does not need a PhD in economics to foresee that cuts in resources to high-risk groups could well mean storing up much larger social and economic liabilities for future generations. Read more

"Problems for children in care": youth justice issues on RTÉ 'This Week' 21st June 2009

A report on RTÉ's 'This Week' looking at conditions for those in State care, particularly young offenders. IPRT Chair, Dr Ursula Kilkelly spoke on Youth Justice issues in Ireland. Read more

Irish Examiner: Liam Herrick says we need to rethink our dependence on prisons 19th June 2009

In an Opinion piece published in today's 'Irish Examiner', Liam Herrick outlines how expanding our prison system can no longer be presented as as end in itself. Read more

IPRT comments on chronic overcrowding in Mountjoy Prison 12th June 2009

Following three incidents over a 24-hour period in Mountjoy Prison, IPRT was invited to comment on the issue of overcrowding on Today FM's 'The Last Word' and RTÉ's 'Morning Ireland'... Read more

Fingal Independent: 'Irish penal policy is at a crossroads' 27th May 2009

Planning for prison building must be framed in the context of a wider plan regarding the proper use of imprisonment and the appropriate use of alternatives to custody, according to IPRT. Read more

"Crossroads in prison building presents opportunity to rethink direction" 20th May 2009

IPRT article posted on the Irish Left Review, a new political online magazine. Read more

Thornton Hall prison now 'unaffordable' 19th May 2009

Liam Herrick spoke to RTÉ’s ‘Nine News’ on the opportunity presented to policy-makers following the announcement of the decision to review plans for a new prison at Thornton Hall. Read more

IPRT discuss Sentencing on the Late Late Show 24th April 2009

Liam Herrick appeared on RTÉ's ‘The Late, Late Show’ as part of a discussion on sentencing and the rehabilitation of prisoners, following the release of Michael Bambrick. Read more

Irish Examiner: 'Prison a ‘powder keg’ for people with psychiatric problems' 23rd April 2009

An article in the 'Irish Examiner' reports on IPRT's position regarding current provisions for prisoners with mental health issues. Read more

“Manslaughter verdict in Mountjoy case” 22nd April 2009

Liam Herrick spoke to RTÉ's 'Morning Ireland' on the ways prisoners with mental health problems are dealt with in the Irish penal system. Read more


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