IPRT in the News

Irish Times: New bail legislation 23rd July 2015

New legislation says judges must give reason for releasing suspects on bail. Read more

Irish Times: Bill aims to wipe the slate clean on certain convictions 6th July 2015

Chairperson of IPRT, Prof Michael O'Flaherty, on spent convictions as a human rights issue. Read more

Roundup: Young adults aged 18-24 in the Criminal Justice System 14th May 2015

Media coverage of a new IPRT report 'Turnaround Youth: Young Adults (18-24) in the Criminal Justice System ~ the case for a distinct approach' launched on 12th May 2015. Read more

Morning Ireland: Criticism of delays in progress of Oberstown 26th March 2015

Why has it taken so long to end the detention of under 18s in adult prisons? Read more

Irish Examiner: 9,000 jailed for not paying a fine 16th February 2015

There were almost 9,000 committals to prison in 2014 for failure to pay court-ordered fine. Read more

RTÉ Six One News: Drug use and violence in the Irish prison system 6th February 2015

Speaking to RTÉ's 'Six One' news programme, IPRT Executive Director Deirdre Malone highlights the crucial need for the government to divert resources to the provision of enhanced drug-treatment and prevention programmes in prisons. Read more

thejournal: We continue to put children in adult prisons. It is utterly unacceptable. 19th December 2014

Prison is an environment and regime which is wholly inappropriate for the detention of children. Young people have the highest rates of reoffending, but they also have the greatest capacity for change – scientific evidence proves this. Read more

Roundup: Children's Rights Behind Bars 12th December 2014

IPRT launched a new report on monitoring mechanisms in places where children are detained on 11th December 2014. This formed part of an EC-funded project. Read more

Letter to Ed: Penal Reform Trust needs to include ex-prisoners, not exclude them 5th November 2014

The Board of the Irish Penal Reform Trust writes to express our serious and collective concern in respect to s.55 Charities Act 2009. On October 15, 2014, the board lost an esteemed colleague, forced to resign due to the commencement of this section. Read more

Reactions: Inspector of Prisons' Annual Report for 2013-14 10th October 2014

Media coverage of issues and concerns raised by Inspector of Prisons in his Annual Report for 2013-2014, published yesterday by the Minister for Justice & Equality. Read more


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