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Irish Times: Criminologist who argued for a humane justice system 2nd January 2016

Paul O’Mahony: September 29th, 1946 - November 11th, 2015 Read more

Round-up: Securing Accountability 30th November 2015

On Friday 27th November 2015, IPRT hosted a conference entitled 'Securing Accountability - Building effective prison monitoring, inspection, and complaints systems'. Read more

Round-up: Prison Culture Report 6th November 2015

Deirdre Malone, Executive Director of IPRT, responded to media requests for a comment on the Prison Culture Report published by the Office of the Inspector of Prisons. Read more

RTÉ Late Debate: Crime & Punishment 16th October 2015

Yesterday evening, RTÉ's 'The Late Debate' discussed crime and punishment, with particular focus on bail. Read more

Pat Kenny Show: Oberstown detention facility 12th August 2015

IPRT's Deirdre Malone spoke to Newstalk FM's The Pat Kenny Show about children in detention in Ireland. Read more

Round Up: Incident in Cloverhill Prison 4th August 2015

Media coverage of issues and concerns raised by an incident which took place in Cloverhill Prison, 29 July 2015. Read more

Irish Times: New bail legislation 23rd July 2015

New legislation says judges must give reason for releasing suspects on bail. Read more

Irish Times: Bill aims to wipe the slate clean on certain convictions 6th July 2015

Chairperson of IPRT, Prof Michael O'Flaherty, on spent convictions as a human rights issue. Read more

Roundup: Young adults aged 18-24 in the Criminal Justice System 14th May 2015

Media coverage of a new IPRT report 'Turnaround Youth: Young Adults (18-24) in the Criminal Justice System ~ the case for a distinct approach' launched on 12th May 2015. Read more

Morning Ireland: Criticism of delays in progress of Oberstown 26th March 2015

Why has it taken so long to end the detention of under 18s in adult prisons? Read more


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