IPRT in the News

Roundup: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 15th July 2014

This week, Fourth Periodic Examination of Ireland by the UN Human Rights Committee of the ICCPR discussed Ireland’s human rights record in relation to prisoners. Read more

Roundup: IPRT Report on Travellers in the Irish prison system 19th May 2014

IPRT launched a new report Travellers in the Irish Prison System: A qualitative Study on 19th May 2014. Read more

Report on the Death of Gary Douch 1st May 2014

IPRT statements & other media reactions to the publishing of the report, 7 years and 9 months after his death in Mountjoy Prison. Read more

Irish Examiner: Principle at stake in prison tapes revelations is 'legal privilege' 5th April 2014

Writing in the 'Irish Examiner', IPRT Executive Director Deirdre Malone underlines the importance of the protection of communication between lawyer and client from disclosure. Read more

Reactions: Taping of conversations between prisoners and solicitors 1st April 2014

Today Taoiseach Enda Kenny revealed to the Dáil that phone calls between prisoners and their solicitors were 'inadvertently recorded' by the Irish Prison Service. Press Rel Read more

Irish Examiner, 'Cork Prison hit by 'perfect storm' of bad conditions' 4th January 2014

The Irish Examiner's Cormac O'Keefe interviews IPRT Executive Director Liam Herrick about the factors contributing to the conditions at Cork Prison. Read more

TheJournal.ie, 'Number of prisoners sharing cells in Irish jails is ‘worrying’' 31st December 2013

TheJournal.ie reports on the high level of sharing of cells in the Irish Prison System as demonstrated by the Irish Prison Service's October 2013 'Census of Prison Cell Occupancy and In-cell Sanitation'. TheJournal.ie also discusses the issue with IPRT Executive Director Liam Herrick. Read more

Irish Times, 'Prison Population in 1983 was a third of today's' 27th December 2013

Stephen Collins writes about a Department of Justice memo on prison population from 1983, released this month under the '30-year rule'. Read more

Overcrowding in the Dóchas Centre 21st November 2013

IPRT's Liam Herrick spoke to RTÉ Morning Ireland about the issue of temporary release and overcrowding at the Dóchas Centre women's prison. Read more

Irish Examiner, 'Dramatic fall in jail isolation numbers' 1st November 2013

Cormac O'Keefe, writing in the Irish Examiner, reports on the drop in the number of prisoners held in solitary confinement since July. Read more


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