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Roundup: Reactions to Justice Committee Report on Penal Reform 28th March 2013

Media coverage of the 'Report on Penal Reform' published by the Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality on 27th March 2013. IPRT welcomed the report, and called for Government action on all recommendations. Read more

The Irish Times examines Ireland's prisons 21st January 2013

A series of articles on the problems and progress within Ireland's jails. Read more

Increasing number of older prisoners raises questions over whether prisons are equipped to care for them. 9th January 2013

Since 2007 there has been a large increase in the number of older and elderly inmates in our prisons. However, is a prison system geared towards younger prisoners equipped to deal with their particular needs? Read more

Irish Prison Service to begin electronic tagging of prisoners in limited circumstances. 29th December 2012

It has been announced that the Irish Prison Service will begin tagging prisoners on release in very limited circumstances in the New Year. Read more

Roundup: Reactions to Report on Children and Families of Prisoners 20th November 2012

A roundup of media reactions and discussions on issues raised in a new IPRT report, '"Picking Up the Pieces": The rights and Needs of Children and Families Affected by Imprisonment.' Read more

Roundup: Reactions to IPRT Reform Proposals on Remission, TR and Parole 24th October 2012

A roundup of media reactions to IPRT's proposals for reform of remission, temporary release and parole, launched Mon 22nd Oct 2012. Read more

Roundup: Reactions to the Inspector of Prisons' Report on St. Patrick’s Institution 17th October 2012

The Department of Justice yesterday published a scathing report by the Inspector of Prisons on St. Patrick's Institution. Read more

Irish Examiner: 7% of inmates locked up for 23 hours, 30% of St Pat’s locked up for 20+ hours a day 28th September 2012

In two articles in the 'Irish Examiner', Cormac O'Keefe reports on the numbers being held on protection across the prison estate, with particular focus on the numbers held on protection in St Patrick's Institution. Read more

Irish Examiner: 'Ad hoc rules need reform' 26th September 2012

Writing in today's 'Irish Examiner', Michael Clifford picks up on issues around sentencing and consistency discussed at the IPRT Annual Lecture 2012. Read more

RTÉ: Release of life sentenced prisoners 19th September 2012

The release of a high profile life sentenced prisoner who has served 30 years in prison has brought the media spotlight back on sentencing, parole processes and reintegration following release. Read more


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