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"To Be, or not to Be, in observation cells?" 10th September 2003 PDF documents

A discussion paper on the introduction of observation cells to the Irish prison system for mentally ill and suicidal prisoners. By Dr. Valerie Bresnihan Read more

A Call for Action: HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C in Irish Prisons 25th July 2002 PDF documents

HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C in Irish Prisons - A Call for Action is a joint report of the Irish Penal Reform Trust and Merchants Quay Ireland. Based upon the findings of Irish and international research, it outlines twenty-one recommendations towards implementing a comprehensive response to HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C in… Read more

Out of Mind, Out of Sight: Solitary Confinement of Mentally Ill Prisoners 30th April 2001 PDF documents

A report examining the placement of mentally ill prisoners in solitary confinement in Irish prisons, by Dr. Valerie Bresnihan on behalf of IPRT. Read more