IPRT Publications

Inspecting Private Prisons 24th August 2005 Word documents

An evidence-based critique of the Prison Inspector's call to introduce private prisons in Ireland. (2005) Read more

Sentencing in the District Courts, 2003 7th January 2005 PDF documents

In June 2003, the Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT) undertook a research study on patterns of sentencing in the Dublin District Court. Read more

Irish Penal Reform Trust Annual Report 2003-04 22nd April 2004

The IPRT's 2003-04 Annual Report was published at our Annual General Meeting on April 22, 2004. Read more

The Dublin Declaration on HIV/AIDS in Prisons 23rd February 2004 PDF documents

This Declaration from 2004 provides a framework for mounting an effective response to HIV/AIDS in the prisons of Europe and Central Asia. The Principles and Articles are based upon recognised international best practice, scientific evidence, and the fundamental human rights of people in prison and the obligations of States to… Read more

"To Be, or not to Be, in observation cells?" 10th September 2003 PDF documents

A discussion paper on the introduction of observation cells to the Irish prison system for mentally ill and suicidal prisoners. By Dr. Valerie Bresnihan Read more

A Call for Action: HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C in Irish Prisons 25th July 2002 PDF documents

HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C in Irish Prisons - A Call for Action is a joint report of the Irish Penal Reform Trust and Merchants Quay Ireland. Based upon the findings of Irish and international research, it outlines twenty-one recommendations towards implementing a comprehensive response to HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C in… Read more

Out of Mind, Out of Sight: Solitary Confinement of Mentally Ill Prisoners 30th April 2001 PDF documents

A report examining the placement of mentally ill prisoners in solitary confinement in Irish prisons, by Dr. Valerie Bresnihan on behalf of IPRT. Read more


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