News & Press Releases

Parole legislation is passed through both Houses of the Oireachtas 11th July 2019

The Parole Bill 2016, when signed and enacted, will place the Parole Board on an independent statutory footing, with the power to make final decisions on the release of eligible prisoners. Read more

IPRT Presentation to the Joint Committee on Justice and Equality on Spent Convictions 10th July 2019

IPRT appeared before the Joint Committee on Justice and Equality to give evidence as part of the Committee’s review of spent convictions legislation. Read more

Guest article: Making Rights Real for People with Disabilities in Detention 2nd July 2019

IPRT, in collaboration with the Centre for Disability Law and Policy (NUIG), has launched a short-term research project on the situation of prisoners with disabilities in Ireland. Read this guest post from the researchers for more info. Read more

Probation Recidivism 2011 and 2012 Cohorts 27th June 2019

The Central Statistics Office has published statistics on re-offending for those sentenced to probation in 2011 and 2012. Data shows an almost 8% drop in the rate of re-offending between the 2008 and 2012 cohorts. Read more

IPRT responds to annual report from Irish Prison Service 24th June 2019

While positive reforms have been made in penal policy in recent years, an over-reliance on prison sentences within the judicial system means our prisons are becoming increasingly overcrowded. Read more

Irish Prison Service Annual Report 2018 24th June 2019

IPRT outlines some of the key stats in the Irish Prison Service Annual Report 2018 and how they compare to 2017. Read more

Irish Penal Reform Trust welcomes increase in use of community service as a response to offending 17th June 2019

RELEASE: Although the rise in the number of offenders being dealt with through the Probation Service is welcome, IPRT is concerned at the fall in numbers participating in the Community Return Programme. Read more

Restorative Justice: Strategies for Change 14th June 2019

This new cross-European venture aims to help embed restorative justice and restorative practices within the Irish criminal justice system. Read for information on how to join the Stakeholder Group. Read more

Round Up: Parole in the media 11th June 2019

Read about IPRT’s recent media engagements on the reform of the parole process. Read more

Parole legislation must be progressed with urgency to ensure clear, transparent and fair system for everyone 5th June 2019

ADVISORY: IPRT welcomes the restated commitment of the Minister for Justice and Equality to progress legislation needed to reform the current parole system. Read more


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