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IPRT welcomes report on Community Service Orders 19th October 2009

IPRT believes that a political decision must now be made to move towards the use of community sanctions as the default penal sanction for less serious offences; punishment by imprisonment should be reserved for the most serious of offences. Read more

Irish Times: Call for radical overhaul of the State's sentencing system 16th October 2009

Senator Ivana Bacik (Lab) on the urgent need for debate, and Charlie Flanagan (FG) on the need for sentencing reform. Read more

Number of prisoners in custody exceeds 4,000 15th October 2009

The Irish Penal Reform Trust raises alarm on the growing numbers of prisoners in custody. Read more

Incredible Years: early intervention project in Ballymun 5th October 2009

On Morning Ireland this morning, Emma O'Kelly reported on a new intervention programme designed to reduce delinquency in young people. Read more

Irish Times: 'Grave concern' over prison overcrowding 2nd October 2009

The IHRC has given its backing to claims by the head of Mountjoy Prison’s visiting committee, Stephen Langton, that prison overcrowding is at dangerous levels and could be relieved if the courts stopped sending petty criminals to jail. Read more

Prisons Need Reform 2nd October 2009 Word documents

The Mountjoy Prison Visiting Committee Chairperson, Stephen Langton criticizes the overcrowding conditions and the threat drugs gangs in Irish prison hold to other inmates and prisoner staff. Read more

"Inhuman and Degrading Treatment": Inspection Report on Mountjoy Prison 24th September 2009

Incontrovertible and devastating evidence of chronic conditions in the largest prison in the State has been released in a report on an inspection of Mountjoy Prison today. Read more

Law Reform Commission: Debt should not lead to prison 22nd September 2009

The Law Reform Commission has recommended that people who genuinely cannot pay personal debts should not be sent to prison, in a consultation paper published today. Read more

Short-term savings on children has long-term costs for society 3rd September 2009

Ireland is among the “worst performing nations” when it comes to how much we spend on general child welfare in terms of health and education. Read more

Letter to the Editor, Irish Times: "Prisons under 'severe strain'" 20th August 2009

It is possible to change both the present and the future of our prison system, states Dr Mary Rogan in a letter to the Irish Times today. Read more


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