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Rethinking the War on Drugs: Retired US Police Chief speaks on the failure of the drug war 28th August 2006

Rethinking the War on Drugs is a conference aimed at promoting debate on the policy of drug prohibition, and alternative approaches to reducing drug-related harms in Ireland. Read more

Penal Reform Trust Welcomes Optional Protocol to the UN Convention Against Torture 22nd June 2006

IPRT calls on the Irish Goverment to quickly ratify new United Nations human rights mechanism Read more

New Report calls for Expanded use of Alternatives to Prison 15th June 2006

Significant reduction in prison costs and numbers could be realised by expanding non-custodial community sanctions, says IPRT Read more

Prison smoking ban would cause more problems than it would solve, says IPRT 5th May 2006

The Irish Penal Reform Trust has characterised as "unworkable" today's call from the Prison Officer's Association to extend the smoking ban into prisons. Read more

Prison Drug Strategy "substitutes gadgets for good practice" 4th May 2006

IPRT calls new strategy an "opportunity missed" Read more

Penal Reform Trust welcomes Government decision on prisoner voting rights 15th December 2005

Legislation will bring Ireland in compliance with European Convention on Human Rights Read more

McDowell's Prison Drug Plan "puts political posturing before public health", says IPRT 21st November 2005

As UNAIDS announces HIV-infections worldwide top 40 million, the Minister shows the Government's head firmly in the sand on HIV and Hep C in prisons Read more

"End Use of Prisons for Immigration Purposes" says new report 1st November 2005

A new report published jointly by the Irish Penal Reform Trust, the Irish Refugee Council and the Immigrant Council of Ireland calls for sweeping changes in the use of immigration-related detention in Ireland. Read more

New report challenges Prison Inspector's call for private prisons 24th August 2005

Inspector's Report's "conjecture and inaccuracy" provides no basis for privatisation, says Penal Reform Trust. The IPRT calls upon Minister to "make a firm and unequivocal commitment" against privatisation following resolution of POA dispute. Read more

Inspector's call for prison privatisation not credible, says Penal Reform Trust 5th July 2005

Prison Inspector's recommendation based on "conjecture and inaccuracy", and its main source is linked to UK's largest private prison company. Read more


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