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IPRT Welcomes Announcement of Child Detention Plans 6th March 2008

The Irish Penal Reform Trust today welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Children of the Government's decision to build a national child detention facility that will house all child offenders. IPRT strongly hopes that today's announcement will make redundant the contingency plans of the Minister for Justice, Equality and… Read more

IPRT Announces Appointment of New Director 5th December 2007

IPRT is happy to announce the appointment of Liam Herrick as its new Executive Director. Read more

IPRT and ICCL react to Council of Europe Commissioner's Visit 30th November 2007

IPRT and ICCL today called on the Government to heed today's preliminary observations by the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights at the end of his week long monitoring visit to Ireland, in which he focussed on the issue of youth justice. Read more

IPRT welcomes Chaplains Report 29th November 2007

IPRT today welcomed the most recent Annual Report of the Irish Prison Chaplains. Speaking today, Liam Herrick recently appointed Director of IPRT stated "This latest report by the prison chaplains is a thoughtful and thought-provoking analysis of the current state of our prisons by highly-skilled professionals working at the coal-face… Read more

Unsafe and Degrading: Europe's Verdict on Ireland's Prisons 10th October 2007

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties and the IPRT welcomed the Government's decision to publish the latest report by the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture Read more

NEW POLL: Majority of voters prefer non-custodial programmes over prison for most offenders 5th April 2007

TNS/MRBI poll commissioned by the Penal Reform Trust shows main political parties out of step with voters on how to deal with most crime Read more

IPRT welcomes passage of Prisoner Voting Legislation 30th November 2006

New legislation approved yesterday brings Ireland into compliance with obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights Read more

Throwing Good Money after Bad 25th September 2006

Prison Service Annual Report shows need for alternatives to custody, not superprisons, say IPRT Read more

Human Rights Groups call for urgent action to address human rights deficit in Irish prisons 4th September 2006

Mountjoy deaths demonstrate need for prison inspection regimes to meet international standards, say IPRT and ICCL Read more

Rethinking the War on Drugs: Retired US Police Chief speaks on the failure of the drug war 28th August 2006

Rethinking the War on Drugs is a conference aimed at promoting debate on the policy of drug prohibition, and alternative approaches to reducing drug-related harms in Ireland. Read more


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