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New UK Report shows Electronic Tagging an Expensive Failure, says Penal Reform Trust 26th April 2005

IPRT challenges Government's support for electronic monitoring as privatised schemes found to be twice as expensive as the Probation Service Read more

McDowell Announcement Illustrates Incoherence of Prison Plans, says Penal Reform Trust 21st April 2005

The IPRT has criticised Justice Minister Michael McDowell's plans to restructure the prison system in the wake of the Prison Officers' Associations rejection of the latest pay offer. Read more

Electronic tagging would be "no penal reform", says IPRT 17th January 2005

The Irish Penal Reform Trust has criticised reported plans by Justice Minister Michael McDowell to introduce electronic tagging of offenders, saying that the scheme offers no recipe for penal reform. Read more

Research show Mandatory Drug Testing in Prisons "ineffective" and "dangerous", says Penal Reform Trust 6th January 2005

Citing new research from the Scottish Prison Service showing the drug intake of 76% of prisoners was not affected by MDT, the IPRT said Minister McDowell's plan will not produce the "drug free prisons" he claims. Read more

Mandatory Drug Testing of prisoners plays politics with public health, says Penal Reform Trust 30th December 2004

The Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT) has today criticised the announcement that mandatory drug testing of prisoners will begin early in the new year, citing international evidence that MDT programmes lead to increased heroin injecting among prisoners. Read more

Report concludes Needle Exchange in Prisons Safe and Effective 17th November 2004

A new report released tomorrow, entitled "Prison Needle Exchange: Lessons from a Comprehensive Review of International Evidence and Experience", provides the clearest evidence yet that these programmes are both safe and effective. Read more

McDowell's speech on prisons suffers from "factual fuzziness", says Penal Reform Trust 29th September 2004

The Irish Penal Reform Trust has criticised yesterday's speech by Minister Michael McDowell as yet another example of the "factual fuzziness" upon which he continues to base his prison policy. Read more

IPRT welcomes Minister Noel Ahern's support for Prison Syringe Exchange 21st September 2004

Penal Reform Group rubbishes Department of Justice opposition as "irresponsible and out of touch" Read more

McDowell's own "Bertie-Bowl" 3rd August 2004

Massive prison building plan shows PDs not immune to the allure of big-budget escapades, says IPRT Read more

Juvenile Justice Alliance welcomes commitment against fines for children: Department of Justice confirms Minister's plans now off the table 7th July 2004

The Irish Juvenile Justice Alliance has welcomed an announcement from the Department of Justice that provisions for imposing fixed penalties of up to €400 on children and young people charged with minor offences will not form part of the new Criminal Justice Bill. Read more


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