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"Where's the Evidence?"- Penal Reform Trust's Challenge to McDowell on Prison Plan 11th November 2003

Proposals show willingness "to sacrifice sensible long-term planning to the needs of short-term politicking." Read more

Letter to the Editor: Random drug tests are not the answer 2nd November 2003

In a letter to the Editor of the Sunday Times published today, IPRT Executive Director Rick Lines explains the evidence against random drug testing of prisoners. Read more

Privatised prison escorts "not a viable option" Department of Justice report confirms 23rd October 2003

Report "shatters the myth that 'private' is necessarily more efficient than 'public'" says Penal Reform Trust Read more

Penal Reform Trust Welcomes Minister's Commitment Against Total Prison Privatisation 15th October 2003

Human rights group expresses continued concern over implementation of French-style "semi-private" prisons in Ireland Read more

Penal Reform Trust to brief TDs on Prison Privatisation Evidence 13th October 2003

"International evidence shows that overall these schemes have failed to deliver on the promise of more cost effective and efficient prisons." - Rick Lines, IPRT Executive Director Read more

Private Prisons "a foul notion" and "a costly failure" according to Leading Irish Experts in Criminology, Law and Human Rights 24th September 2003

Plans to privatise Irish prisons have come under sharp attack today by a group of Ireland's leading experts in criminology, penology, law and human rights. In an open letter to Minister Michael McDowell released this morning, the group condemns prison privatisation as "a foul notion that strikes at the very… Read more

IPRT Press Statement on Prison Privatisation 24th September 2003

IPRT statement on prison privatisation delivered at today's press conference. Read more

Prison Privatisation Plans Condemned 22nd September 2003

Leading Figures in Criminology, Law and Human Rights Challenge the Government on Private Prisons Read more

Prison Privatisation Plans "Completely Unacceptable" says Penal Reform Trust 22nd August 2003

The Irish Penal Reform Trust has condemned as "completely unacceptable" reported plans by the Government to privatise prisons. Read more


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