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In this section you can find IPRT newsletters and articles from 2003-2005. For IPRT e-bulletins from 2004 to present, please click here.

Penal Reform News 7th January 2005 PDF documents

Issue number 22 - Winter 2004/05 Read more

The Role of the Media in Juvenile Justice 21st January 2004

Paul O'Mahony, Ph.D is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Head of the School of Occupational Therapy in Trinity College, Dublin. He was a founding member of the IPRT and a member of the National Crime Forum and is editor of Criminal Justice in Ireland (2002) and author of Crime… Read more

Penal Reform News 21st January 2004 PDF documents

Issue Number 18 • Winter 2004 Read more

Promoting the rights of children in custody 21st January 2004

Dr Linda Moore is investigations and research worker at the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission. She is the co-author of In Our Care: Promoting the Rights of Children in Custody, a report on the findings of the Commission's investigation into the human rights of children in custody in Northern Ireland. Read more

Children's rights in the justice system 21st January 2004

Dr Ursula Kilkelly is a law lecturer at University College Cork where she teaches human rights and youth justice and contributes to the Criminal Justice (Clinical) Masters programme. Read more

Why the Juvenile Justice System Fails Young People 21st January 2004

In almost thirty years of working with homeless young people, Fr Peter McVerry, SJ believes that the problem is now worse than ever before. Read more

Youth Justice in England and Wales: Making the Best of a Bad Job 21st January 2004

Rob Allen, Director of Rethinking Crime and Punishment in London and a member of the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales. Read more

The Cost of Incarceration in Ireland in 2001 14th October 2003

Figures recently obtained by the IRPT from the Department of Justice, Equality, and Law Reform reveal the cost of running the Irish Prison Service in 2001. Read more

Prison Privatisation Plans Condemned 14th October 2003

Leading Figures in Criminology, Law and Human Rights Challenge the Government on Private Prisons Read more

"Private" Prisons Inspector? 14th October 2003

On page 50 of the First Annual Inspector of Prisons Report is a small section on the issue of private prisons - a piece that managed to slip through without garnering any media attention. Read more