Parliamentary Questions

Here we have compiled a list of links to relevant Parliamentary Questions and Dáil debates recorded on the online resource the Oireachtas website at: and the new Oireachtas website:

Increasingly often, the links to Dáil questions and debates change after we have uploaded them here and therefore become invalid. This is beyond our control. Sometimes the question has only shifted to the next or previous page, so it is worth using the scroll functions to look at these pages.

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Although the service is now discontinued, the 'Oireachtas Watch' on the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice website offers an archive of written answers to PQ's from September 2007 to July 2009. See:

Prison Building

Issues surrounding prison building, prison refurbishment, opens prisons, and more. Read more

Prison Numbers and Conditions

Latest prisoner population and issues around prison conditions. Read more

Youth Justice

Issues surrounding youth justice, including Children Detention Centres and how young people are dealt with in the criminal justice system. Read more

General Issues

General issues including solitary confinement, temporary release, electronic tagging, post release services, spent convictions and immigration detention. Read more

Health Issues

Topics ranging from mental health issues to the availability of drug treatment programmes. Read more

Sentencing & Law

Debates and questions relating to issues such as mandatory sentencing and sentencing guidelines, pre-trial detention, and updates on the Fines Act 2010 and Community Services Order Act 2011. Read more


Topics covering drug and mobile phone seizures in prison and other security-related issues. Read more


Education, literacy, library and rehabilitative schemes and services in Irish prisons (excl. health). Read more

Accountability & Complaints

Updates on accountability, including inspection and complaints mechanisms, in adult prisons. Read more

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