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Past Campaigns

IPRT campaigns for the respect of human rights in the penal system, and for imprisonment to be used only as a last resort. Here are some of our former campaigns:

Election 2016OireachtasLogo

In advance of the general election, IPRT put forward our 10 priorities for a fairer and more effective penal system. We continue to track policy debates around punishment, benchmarking these against policies and innovations demonstrated to be effective.

Hands Up for Children      HandsUpLogo

IPRT was one of many campaign partners who called for  Prevention and Early Intervention to be included as a priority in the next programme for government.

Shifting Focus_coverShifting Focus

Promoting a shift in justice resources from its emphasis on punishment to prevention and early intervention - on other words, "from criminal justice to social justice" - through solid evidence and research.

OireachtasElection 2011

The election itself might be over but the unique opportunity remains for the new Government to enhance the protection of the community while at the same time respecting basic human rights standards.

Your Rights Right Now logo smlYour Rights. Right Now

IPRT was one of seventeen organisations who have joined forces to help people hold the State to account for its human rights record by way of the UPR during 2011.