Prison Reports

Reports on Irish prisons are gathered in this section, along with prison standards and other relevant reports.

Inspection reports of the Children Detention Schools, which are carried out by HIQA, are available in the youth justice section.

For reports on Irish prisons carried out by international monitoring bodies (CPT, UN CAT, etc.) please see Human Rights reports.

Standards for the Inspection of Prisons in Ireland 1st September 2009

A set of standards, published by the Inspector of Prisons, against which the assessment of prison conditions in Ireland will be measured. IPRT welcomes the inclusion of international human rights standards, and the recognition that they constitute a benchmark... Read more

Annual Report 2008 from Inspector of Prisons 15th August 2009

The Office of the Inspector of Prisons Annual Report 2008 was published on 14th Aug 2009 by the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform. Read more

Annual Report of Prison Service for 2008 14th August 2009

The Irish Prison Service Annual Report for 2008 was published today, and is available online. The report shows further dramatic increases in the numbers being committed to prison. Read more

Annual Report of Prison Service for 2007 19th December 2008

The Irish Prison Service today published its annual report for 2007. The report is available online and outlines a number of trends in the prison population, including the increasing number of non-Irish nationals in the prison system and the growing proportion of prisoners serving long sentences. Read more

Irish Prisons Chaplains: Annual Report 2007-08 11th December 2008

IPRT warmly welcomed the publication of the Irish Prison Chaplains report for 2008. As in previous years, the report provides an authoritative and hard-hitting assessment of the serious problems facing the prison system. Read more

First Interim Report from Inspector of Prisons 28th October 2008

The Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT) warmly welcomed the publication of the first Interim Report of Inspector of Prisons Judge Michael Reilly. Read more

Irish Prisons Chaplains: Annual Report 2006-07 27th November 2007

The Irish Penal Reform Trust welcomed the publication of the Annual Report of the Irish Prison Chaplains. Read more

Inspector of Prisons and Places of Detention Report 2004-2005 30th April 2006 PDF documents

This eye opening report highlights the poor conditions and services of Irish prisons as well the need for adequate representation for prisoner complaints. Read more

Arbour Hill Visiting Committee Annual Report December 2005 31st December 2005 PDF documents

This 2005 report of the Arbour Hill Visiting Committee is almost a repeat of the previous year's report. Read more

Parole Board Annual Report 2004 30th March 2005 PDF documents

This report highlights again the same events as in its 2003 report. The Parole Board goes on to disapprove of the psychiatric and sex offender programmes, noting that attendance and formation were poor. Read more

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