Prison Reports

Reports on Irish prisons are gathered in this section, along with prison standards and other relevant reports.

Inspection reports of the Children Detention Schools, which are carried out by HIQA, are available in the youth justice section.

For reports on Irish prisons carried out by international monitoring bodies (CPT, UN CAT, etc.) please see Human Rights reports.

Parole Board Annual Report 2003 30th May 2004 PDF documents

The second annual report of the Parole Board relates to the Board’s activities during 2003. The Parole Board was established by the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform to review the cases of prisoners with longer term sentences and to provide advice in relation to the administration of those… Read more

Report on the Operation of the Transfer of Sentences Persons Acts (1995 and 1997) 30th April 2004 PDF documents

The 9th Annual Report on the progress of prisons and administrations in their compliance with the Transfer of Sentenced Persons (Amendment) Act, 1997. Read more

Arbour Hill Visiting Committee Annual Report 2002 12th September 2003 PDF documents

This report of the Arbour Hill Visiting Committee draws attention to the commendable areas of medical services, while highlighting the necessary enlargement of the sex offender programmes available in Arbour Hill. Read more

The Prison Adult Literacy Survey 30th June 2003 PDF documents

A report on literacy in Irish Prisons commissioned by the Irish Prison Service, published June 2003. Read more

Irish Prison Service Annual Report 2001 31st December 2002 PDF documents

The Irish Prison Service Annual Report for 2001. Read more

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