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Prison Reports

Reports on Irish prisons are gathered in this section, along with prison standards and other relevant reports.

Inspection reports of the Children Detention Schools, which are carried out by HIQA, are available in the youth justice section.

For reports on Irish prisons carried out by international monitoring bodies (CPT, UN CAT, etc.) please see Human Rights reports.

Strategic Review on Penal Policy - Final Report 18th September 2014

The Final Report of the Strategic Review on Penal Policy was published by Minister for Justice and Equality, Frances Fitzgerald TD on 17 Sept 2014. Read more

Inspector of Prisons' Report on Mountjoy Prison Campus with emphasis on Separation Unit 15th September 2014

The Inspector of Prisons recently undertook a general overview of Mountjoy Campus, with particular focus on the Separation Unit. Read more

Inspector of Prisons' Omnibus Report on Deaths of Prisoners in Custody 2012-2014 12th September 2014

The Inspector of Prisons' Omnibus Report on Deaths in Prison. Read more

Parole Board Annual Report for 2013 Published 11th September 2014

The Minister for Justice has published the Annual Report for 2013 of the Parole Board. The report details the number of cases reviewed; the number of prison interviews held; the number of recommendations made to the Minister that were accepted/rejected, and more. Read more

Census of Prison Population, Cell Occupancy and In Cell Sanitation July 2014 1st September 2014

The Irish Prison Service's July Report deals with facts and figures relating to prison population, cell occupancy and cell sanitation in the Irish penal estate. Read more

Census of Restricted Regime Prisoners July 2014 1st September 2014

The Irish Prison Services Statistics Unit recently published its quarterly Census of Restricted Prisoners in the Irish Penal system. The Census indicates a slight reduction in the number of prisoners on restricted regimes. Read more

Report on an Inspection of Loughan House Open Centre 22nd August 2014

A Report by the Inspector of Prisons on an Inspection of Loughan House has been published by the Minister for Justice. Crucially, the Inspector identifies the lack of equal provision for women prisoners in Ireland as a key issue. Read more

Prison Visiting Committee Annual Reports 2013 18th August 2014

The Annual Reports 2013 of all 14 Prison Visiting Committees have now been published. Read more

Report of the Investigation into the Death of Gary Douch 1st May 2014

The following report details an independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Mr Douch while in custody in Mountjoy Prison. Read more

NACDA release study on drug use and access to drug treatment/support services within Irish prisons. 10th April 2014

Today the NACSA released a study on the prevalence of drug use within Irish prisons. The study aimed to determine the need for drug treatment and harm reduction services in Irish prisons by estimating the prevalence of drug use, including intravenous drug use and blood-borne viruses, amongst the prisoner population. Read more