Spent Convictions

Securing employment or training, and the ability to rebuild a life after committing an offence, is crucial to breaking the cycle of offending. Effective spent convictions legislation has a major role to play in removing barriers to the reintegration of former offenders and prisoners who have demonstrated that they have moved on from past offending behaviour.

For information on whether the Spent Convictions legislation signed into law in February and commenced end April 2016 applies to you, please see Citizens Information. If this does not answer your question, please contact the Department of Justice - contact details here.

With thanks to SpunOut.ie we have produced a short information video on Spent Convictions (for convictions received for offences committed over 18). We have also produced an easy-to-read information sheet on spent convictions.

For questions about the Garda Vetting 'Admin Filter', please contact the Garda Central Vetting Unit.

IPRT has been campaigning for robust and extensive Spent Convictions legislation to be introduced in Ireland since 2007. You can read all about our work and recent developments below.

Offences committed under age 18?

Under Section 258 of the Children Act 2001, offences committed by those under eighteen years of age can be expunged from the record once certain conditions are met. See here.

With thanks to SpunOut.ie, we also have a short information video on Expungement of Convictions (for convictions received for offences committed under 18). We have also produced an easy-to-read information sheet on expungement of convictions.

IHRC calls for shorter rehabilitative periods in Spent Convictions Bill 11th June 2012

The Irish Human Rights Commission has published its Observations on the Criminal Justice (Spent Convictions) Bill 2012, stating that "the proposed legislation is overly restrictive and will not assist in re-integrating people convicted of minor offences back into society and employment." Read more

Spent Convictions Scheme for offences committed aged under 18 14th May 2012

In the course of our Spent Convictions campaign work, it has come to our attention that many people do not realise that a Spent Convictions scheme already exists for anyone who committed an offence before their eighteenth birthday. Here are the details... Read more

Spent Convictions Bill welcomed but legislation could go further in reducing barriers to reintegration - IPRT 4th May 2012

MEDIA ADVISORY: IPRT has today broadly welcomed the publication of the 'Criminal Justice (Spent Convictions) Bill 2012' as a very positive step in supporting the rehabilitation of offenders. However, some issues remain which must be resolved in order to get the balance right between public safety and reducing barriers to… Read more

Sunday Independent: 'Bill will allow jobseekers to airbrush criminal records' 23rd October 2011

Writing in the 'Sunday Independent', Daniel McConnell reports on the forthcoming Spent Convictions Bill, which is "at an advanced stage of drafting, with only finer details left to be finalised." Read more

Garda Vetting and CAO applications 7th September 2011

Over 225 college courses offered through the CAO require Garda Vetting; in the absence of Spent Convictions legislation, this can present a potential barrier to those who may have committed a minor offence, no matter how long ago. Read more

Spent Convictions Bill 2011: Second Stage (Private Member's Bill) 7th June 2011

On 11th May 2011, Dara Calleary TD introduced a Private Member's Bill. The Spent Convictions Bill was previously published by Barry Andrews as a Private Members Bill in 2007. The Bill as reintroduced was debated at Second Stage on 7th/8th June, 2011. Read more

Emergency Services Ireland: 'Redemption Withheld for Irish Prisoners' 20th May 2011 PDF documents

'Emergency Services Ireland' reports on IPRT's recent Public Forum on Spent Convictions Read more

MEDIA ADVISORY: Fair and effective Spent Convictions legislation is crucial to allow Individuals a “second chance” to get on with their lives 11th May 2011

Press Release on 'Breaking the Record' our public forum on Spent Convictions legislation, which was held in Pearse St. Library yesterday. Read more

What's the risk?Employing Young Adults with Criminal Convictions 11th May 2011

A new study published today has acknowledged businesses in the UK which are actively trying to improve opportunities for offenders to get back into employment. Read more

PUBLIC FORUM: Breaking the Record - Spent Convictions & Discrimination 10th May 2011

IPRT hosted Bobby Cummines OBE, Chief Executive of UNLOCK, the National Association of Reformed Offenders (UK) on Tuesday 10th May, 2011 for a series of events focusing on obstacles experienced by those with a criminal record who wish to move on from their offending past. Read more

Oireachtas Seminar on Spent Convictions 10th May 2011

The sixth seminar for the All Party Oireachtas Penal Reform Group of TDs and Senators, and the first of the new Dáil session, focused on Spent Convictions legislation. Read more

thejournal.ie: New legislation could allow offenders withhold criminal record from employers 1st May 2011

An article from thejournal.ie on the upcoming Spent Convictions Bill to be published this summer. Read more

The Sunday Times: Bill could let offenders keep past crimes from employers 1st May 2011

In today's printed version of The Sunday Times(Irish edition), Mark Tighe reports on the Spent Convictions Bill which is sue to be published this summer. Read more

Dáil Questions: proposed Spent Convictions legislation 7th April 2011

Deputy Clare Daly asks the Minister for Justice and Equality Alan Shatter about his plans to introduce a Spent Convictions Bill as priority legislation. Read more

Spent Convictions Bill back on the legislative agenda! 6th April 2011

IPRT welcomes the inclusion of the Spent Convictions Bill among the list of twenty urgent Bills to be published by the Government by the end of the Summer Session (July 21st.) Read more

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