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Invitation to Tender: Achieving Penal Reform

18th November 2014

[Note: Deadline extended to Monday 1st December 2014.]

IPRT is now inviting tenders for the research and drafting of a broad policy paper on penal reform.

The cross-agency Strategic Review on Penal Policy has recently been published, setting out 43 recommendations for reform of the Irish penal system. This report followed an earlier cross-party Joint Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality Oireachtas Sub-Committee Report on Penal Reformwhich set out five clear recommendations on areas for reform.

IPRT would now like to commission a researcher to draft a policy paper to:

  • summarise IPRT’s policy positions on the key themes arising in the two reports in a concise way, cross-referencing our published evidence-based policy positions; and
  • set out clear guidance on what concrete implementation actions are now required in order to translate IPRT policy recommendations on thematic issues into tangible reforms.

The paper will be written in close consultation with the IPRT office. Original empirical research will not be required.

Tendering individuals or organisations must submit a brief tender document by 1 December 2014

More details are available here.

Tenders should be submitted by e-mail to Deirdre Malone at: director@iprt.ie

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