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UK: Booklets for children with Parents in Custody- I-HOP

23rd January 2017

I-HOP is an organisation funded by the UK department of Education and delivered by Barnardos, and aimed at supporting professionals working with offenders and their families. These booklets prepared by I-HOP are aimed at providing information to offenders and their families about the different stages of the criminal justice system (Court to Custody) and to give advice to prisons on how to safeguard children while they are visiting their parents (Assisting Prisons to Safeguard Children with a Key Attachment Figure in Custody).

A parent’s imprisonment and visiting a parent in prison can both have negative impacts on a child. Research shows also that the children of offenders tend to be more vulnerable than their peers, this highlights the need to effectively safeguard and care for these children.

To read ‘Court to Custody’, the booklet on guidance for defenders and their families in the criminal justice system click here.

To read ‘Assisting Prisons to Safeguard Children with a key attachment figure in custody’, the booklet on making a child’s visit to prison a safe experience, click here.

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