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UK: A Record of Our Own - Lockdown Experiences of Ethnic Minority Prisoners

31st March 2021

This report by the Zahid Mubarek Trust (ZMT), in partnership with POPS and the Traveller Movement is an account of the challenges faced by minority ethnic prisoners in prison in England and Wales because of the lockdown measures employed by the prison authorities to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 in prisons.

Guest article: Exploring the rights and experiences of migrant and minority ethnic groups in the penal system in Ireland

25th March 2021

In this guest article, researchers from The Department of Law at Maynooth University write about the context for their research as part of IPRT’s upcoming ‘Access to Rights and Justice’ project.

UK: Ethnic disproportionality in remand and sentencing in the youth justice system

22nd January 2021

This large-scale study finds that Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic children are less likely to get a formal out-of-court disposal than other children, among other findings

HM Inspectorate of Prisons: Minority ethnic prisoners’ experiences of rehabilitation and release planning

5th November 2020

The report found, among other issues, that ehnic identity’s influence on rehabilitation is underestimated – one-third of interviewed BME prisoners reported their ethnicity had directly influenced their experience of rehabilitation and release planning.

Rights and justice for migrants, foreign nationals, and ethnic minorities in the penal system

19th October 2020

We are pleased to announce that IPRT is one of 42 recipients of the Human Rights and Equality Grant 2020-21.

IPRT Submission to the Joint Committee on Key Issues affecting the Traveller Community

6th August 2019

This short submission primarily focuses on mental health issues affecting Travellers in the prison system

Same Crime: Different Punishment? Investigating Sentencing Disparities Between Irish and Non-Irish Nationals in the Irish Criminal Justice System

28th September 2018

This article by Dr Avril Brandon and Dr Michael O'Connell investigates whether disparities exist between sentencing outcomes for Irish and non-Irish nationals and is the first to examine sentencing disparities by offender nationality in an Irish context.

Travellers in the Irish Prison System: A qualitative study

19th May 2014

Travellers in the Irish Prison System: A qualitative study is a 76-page qualitative research report, which includes interviews with 10 former prisoners

Respect for rights in the penal system with prison as a last resort.



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