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Homeless Truths: Children’s Experiences of Homelessness in Ireland

12th April 2012

"The issue of youth homelessness is a very serious one that can have a profound, life-long impact on the individual. It is up to us in Ireland in 2012 to decide how we proceed." - Emily Logan, Ombudsman for Children

The Ombudsman for Children has published a new report on a consultation carried out by the Office with children who have experienced homelessness.

Homeless Truths includes first hand experiences and correspopnding perspectives of the young poeple across a number of matters, including: accessing homelessness services through Garda Stations; placements; accommodation; activities during the day; and relationships with professionals and peers. "Several of the children’s accounts highlighted the risks that children in these circumstances can face as regards exposure to intimidation, exploitation, violence and criminality and how, once exposed, children can become immersed in these aspects of life on the streets."

The report aims to highlight the children’s experiences and perspectives in order to inform the decision-making of those working at both a policy and practice level to develop and improve services and supports for children requiring emergency care and accommodation.

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