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Party manifesto analysis 2020: People Before Profit

People Before Profit launched their party manifesto for the 2020 General Election on Wednesday 22nd January 2020. The manifesto can be accessed here.

The manifesto mainly does not address crime or prison issues. However, IPRT welcomes the emphasis on housing as a human right, here. 502 people identified as having ‘no fixed abode’ on committal to prison in 2018, up from 265 in 2014 - see parliamentary question here.

The manifesto also proposes to require judges to provide written explanations for judgements in lower courts where there are conflicts of evidence. IPRT has previously called for judges to provide written reasons where a custodial sentence is given. More broadly, IPRT believes that a comprehensive review on how Ireland approaches sentencing and how that process might be appropriately reformed would be of both great public value and interest. See IPRT’s submission to the Law Reform Commission on Sentencing Guidelines.



For IPRT's 'Smart Justice, Safer Communities' Policy Proposals 2016-2021, click here.

Respect for rights in the penal system with prison as a last resort.



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