Irish Penal Reform Trust

Keeping Drugs Out of Prison: Drug Policy and Strategy

31st December 2005

This report delves into the Irish Prison Service’s policies and strategies for keeping drugs out of prisons.

"The Irish Prison Service is mindful of its obligations as an agency of the criminal justice system and, in particular, its role in ensuring that there is no place for drugs in prison. Prison management and staff face these very considerable twin challenges on a daily basis. The combination of these challenges sets the prison environment apart from other settings in which services are provided for people who abuse drugs."

This report lays out 6 strategies for dealing with drug abuse:
1. Identifying and Engaging Drug Misusers
2. Providing Treatment Options
3. Ensuring Thorough Care
4. Meeting Healthcare Needs
5. Monitoring and Research
6. Staff Training

Respect for rights in the penal system with prison as a last resort.



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