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Census of Prison Population, Cell Occupancy and In-Cell Sanitation January 2015

10th February 2015

The Irish Prison Service Statistics Office recently published its quarterly statistical analysis of prison population, cell occupancy and in-cell sanitation facts and figures. 

While there has been improvements made in the provision of single-cell accommodation and a reduction in the numbers slopping out, further progress in these areas is to be welcomed.

Some of the key findings highlighted by the census include:

  • The prison population at currently stands at 3,661, which represents a decrease of 344 in custody from July of 2014;
  • 58% (or 2,109) of prisoners are accommodated in single cells at present;
  • 1,252 prisoners (34% of the total in custody) are required to use the toilet in the presence of another prisoner;
  • 304 prisoners (or 8% of the total in custody) are still required to slop out;
  • Significantly, the numbers slopping out has decreased from 465 in January of last year, to 304 in January 2015;
  • More than half of the prison population are now accommodated in single-cells, an increase of nearly 10% from the census statistics released in July of 2014.

Read the full findings of the census here. (10th Feb 2015)

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