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Census of Restricted Regime Prisoners July 2014

1st September 2014

The Irish Prison Services Statistics Unit recently published its quarterly Census of Restricted Prisoners in the Irish Penal system. The Census indicates a slight reduction in the number of prisoners on restricted regimes since the last quarter.

The key findings were:

  • In total 253 prisoners in the entire prison population were on a restricted regime;
  • Of the 232 prisoners on protection, 224 were there of their own request;
  • 14 prisoners were restricted on grounds of order;
  • 5 prisoners were restricted due to discipline;
  • Since the commencement of the Census in July 2013, the number of prisoners on 22/23 hour lock up has decreased 80% from 211 to 42.

Read the full findings here: wym-1409588416831

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