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UK: Bromley Briefings Summer 2018

24th July 2018

The Prison Reform Trust (UK) has published the Bromley Briefing for Summer 2018. This takes a look at the UK prison system, their healthcare, rehabilitation and conditions, along with highlighting statistics in regard to multiple issues in the prison system.

Among other findings, the Briefing shows:

  • England and Wales have the highest imprisonment rate in Western Europe. 
  • The prison population has risen by 77% in the last 30 years. 
  • 71% of all offences were considered non-violent, with 47% of prisoners sentenced to serve six months or less.
  • 299 people died during the year in prison, a quarter of which were self-inflicted deaths. 
  • Assaults on staff have risen 158% in four years. 
  • Prisoners on remand make up approximately 1 in 10 of all prisoners. 
  • Women make up only 5% of the total prison population. 
  • Nearly half of all adults are reconvicted within one year of release.

The PRT state that the increase in figures over the last 20 years is largely believed to be due to the inflation in sentencing and the consequences of overuse of custody.

For the full Summer Briefing 2018, click here

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