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UK: Employment and benefits outcomes of prison education

16th July 2018

The Justice Data Lab investigated the ‘Employment and benefit outcomes’ of offenders who received grants for distance learning through the Prisoners’ Education Trust scheme, and compared these to the outcomes of those who did not receive grant between 2002 and 2013.

The investigation was carried out by assessing the employment and benefit rates of the two groups. The results showed that participants of the Prisoner’s Education Trust scheme were more likely to: 

  • Be employed during their 1 year release from prison. 
  • Be employed one month after their release from prison. 
  • Be employed 12 months after their release from prison. 
  • Spend more days in employment overall. 
  • Spent fewer days receiving out-of-work benefits.

The report shows that on average, the Prisoners’ Education Trust scheme increases the number of people employed by between 6 and 9 people during a one year period. 

It may also increase the average time in employment during the year by between 12 and 19 days, as well as increasing employment rate after 12 months.

In relation to benefits, participants of the scheme spent an average of 125 days receiving out-of- work benefits, while non-participants spent an average of 134 days- 9 days more than those availing of the scheme.

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