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IPRT Briefing: Sanitation and Slopping Out in Irish Prisons

24th January 2011

The ongoing practice of ‘slopping out’ in Irish prisons has received national and international condemnation. Despite Government assurances since 1993 that it will bring an end to this inhuman and degrading practice, it continues - in direct contravention of international human rights law.

This Briefing outlines the current provision of in-cell sanitation across the Irish prison estate. The problems associated with slopping out are further exacerbated by overcrowding, where prisoners may have to share cells with up to 4 others.

Our recommendations are simple:

  1. Slopping out must end as soon as possible.
  2. Government and the Irish Prison Service must have a plan to end it completely by a fixed date.
  3. Government and the Irish Prison Service must take interim measures to mitigate the effects of slopping out on prisoners.
  4. As a matter of urgency, the combination of overcrowding and slopping out must end. A specific plan should be put in place to address the situation in Cork, Mountjoy and Limerick Prisons immediately.

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