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Roundup: Young adults aged 18-24 in the Criminal Justice System

14th May 2015

IPRT launched a new report Turnaround Youth: Young Adults (18-24) in the Criminal Justice System ~ the case for a distinct approach in the Irish Film Institute, Dublin on 12th May 2015.

Find out more about the event here.

The report presents the case for the differential treatment of young adults aged 18-24 who come in contact with the criminal justice system, and is grounded in emerging evidence, best practice, and informed by input from young people with experience of the issues. In the words of the Irish Examiner editorial: "These suggestions make complete sense and even if they help only a tiny minority of young offenders recover some equilibrium in their lives then they are worthwhile."

Download the report here.

The Irish Times cited speaker Ciara Egan (16) of Future Voices Ireland, who called for an end to the “stigmatisation of young people from marginalised backgrounds” in her powerful address during the launch: "You can’t assume everyone that commits a crime is a bad person. Sometimes we’re just a product of the inequalities that we face.”

Read the IPRT Press Release here.

Both the report and the launch event received strong media coverage, with some in-depth discussion and debate. Read and listen back to media coverage of the issues below.

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