Irish Penal Reform Trust, 'Number of prisoners sharing cells in Irish jails is ‘worrying’'

31st December 2013 reports on the high level of sharing of cells in the Irish Prison System as demonstrated by the Irish Prison Service's October 2013 'Census of Prison Cell Occupancy and In-cell Sanitation'. Figures from the October 1st census show that 2275 out of 4086 prisoners in Ireland were accommodated in cells alongside one or more other prisoners.

Speaking to, IPRT Executive Director Liam Herrick emphasised the difference between capacity in terms of cell space and other prison facilities -  “Doubling up is being built into capacity numbers at prisons. But while there might be capacity in terms of cells, there are not enough services, education and training.”

Liam Herrick also pointed to Cork Prison as an acute problem-spot for the practice of 'doubling-up'. Furthermore, he highlighted that Irish practice has regressed since the 1980s on this issue, prior to which doubling-up was not commonplace in the Irish prison system.

Read, 'Number of prisoners sharing cells in Irish jails is ‘worrying’'

Irish Prison Service, 'Census of Prison Cell Occupancy and In-cell Sanitation, October 2013'

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