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IPRT Submission Budget 2011

3rd December 2010

The IPRT submission to Budget 2011, 'Spending Cuts and Crime Implications', presents the clear evidence, both national and international, that cuts to services in sensitive areas are likely to contribute to higher crime-rates and therefore be counter-productive from a financial perspective.

The submission also looks in detail at areas of justice spending at present, and to the incoherence and wastefulness of our current justice policy, which is weighted towards ineffective punishment measures and under-resourcing crime prevention and diversion approaches.

IPRT strongly believes that cuts to probation and reintegration programmes while retaining the current policies and practices that are driving up our prison population - at a cost of almost €100,000 per prisoner per year - will deepen this imbalance.

Download the IPRT Submission to Budget 2011 'Spending Cuts and Crime Implications' by clicking on the icon above.

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