Irish Penal Reform Trust

Vision & Mission

Our Vision expresses the fundamental objectives of IPRT, which underpin all of our work:

IPRT's Vision

is of a penal system that -

  • is just and humane
  • protects and promotes human rights, equality and social justice, and
  • uses prison as a last resort

To achieve this Vision, IPRT commits itself to achieving a number of specific objectives. These objectives are set out in the Mission Statement of the organisation:

IPRT’s Mission Statement

IPRT's mission is to work towards a progressive reform of penal policy and practice to achieve a penal system in line with our vision.

All of IPRT’s work is underpinned and informed by our Values as an organisation:

IPRT’s Values

  • Independent - we are fearless in our voice and in our actions
  • Committed - holding the State to account
  • Fair - we are committed to tackling social injustice
  • Authoritative - we are guided by human rights frameworks and best international standards
  • Engaged - we are mindful of the importance of engaging directly with people in prison and their families
  • Accountable - we are committed to the highest levels of good governance and financial integrity

Respect for rights in the penal system with prison as a last resort.



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