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Invitation to Tender: UNCAT - Ireland's Compliance with UNCAT in Places of Penal Detention

13th April 2017

IPRT is now inviting tenders for the research and drafting of materials to support IPRT’s campaign around Ireland’s hearing under UNCAT.


The Second Periodic Review of Ireland under the United Nations Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UNCAT) will take place between 24 July and 11 August 2017.

IPRT is now inviting tenders for the research and drafting of materials to support IPRT’s campaign around Ireland’s hearing under UNCAT. These will comprise a concise submission (max. 10 pages) setting out Ireland’s performance under relevant articles of UNCAT, and two information briefings on areas relevant to IPRT’s objectives, one to be centred on systems of accountability and ratification of OPCAT.

The materials will achieve the following:

  • Assess to what extent the Concluding Observations following Ireland's first periodic review under UNCAT have been acted upon;
  • Provide a shadow report to the Government’s response to the List of Issues Prior to Reporting (LoIPR), and propose issues not raised which should be included;
  • Be grounded in precise, detailed and accurate evidence;
  • Cross-reference IPRT’s comprehensive evidence-based policy positions; and
  • Set out concrete recommended actions required in order for Ireland to achieve full compliance with UNCAT in places of penal detention.


  • Postgraduate degree in a relevant discipline;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Irish penal policy and issues relating to conditions in places of penal detention in Ireland;
  • Solid grounding in international human rights standards and monitoring processes as they apply to prisons and places of penal detention;
  • Experience in producing high quality policy submissions within tight timescales and within strict word-counts to publication standard for an international audience;
  • First-rate drafting abilities, exceptional writing skills, attention to detail and ability to adhere to strict budgetary requirements.
  • Tax/ VAT - a valid Tax Clearance Certificate is to be supplied with the tender and is to be valid when invoice is being submitted for payment.

Tender Process and Timeline:

Tendering individuals or organisations must submit a brief tender document as soon as possible or by 12 noon April 21st, 2017. Each tender should be no more than 800 words (2 pages) and should include:

  • A profile of the individual making the proposal (with CV as attachment);
  • Details of previous relevant work in this area, including the production of concise submissions to UN bodies or equivalent;
  • The approach/methodology proposed to adopt to achieve the key deliverable, including an outline of sources of evidence;
  • Costing (fixed price);
  • Tenderers should indicate the estimated number of days for completing the work.

Full details are available here.

IPRT reserves the right to reject any or all of the proposals submitted and will not be obliged to accept the lowest or any tender.

Tenders should be submitted by e-mail to by noon on Friday 21st April 2017.

Queries should be directed to Michelle Martyn, IPRT Senior Research and Policy Projects Manager at

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