Irish Penal Reform Trust

Arbour Hill Visiting Committee Annual Report, 2004.

31st December 2004

This report contains the annual recommendations of the Arbour Visiting Committee. The Committe is quick to commend the work of the staff members, but fails to see improvements on the much needed psychiatric and sex offender programmes.

The Visiting Committee found Arbour Hill to be extremely well run during the past twelve months. Although the fabric of the buildings is relatively old and restrictive in size, the maximum utilisation is being achieved and in conditions of cleanliness, warmth and humane

The Committee wishes that the actual prisoner profile be brought to the attention of the media as the present misconception is deleterious in respect of employment, housing, re-integration to family and society for prisoners on release.

The Visiting Committee goes on to sincerely compliment the management and staff on their professionalism and compassion in creating and sustaining a caring ethos and friendly atmosphere in very challenging circumstances.

They recommend implementation and improvements on the psychiatric care of the prisoners and for sex offender rehabilitation programmes.

Respect for rights in the penal system with prison as a last resort.



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