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Census of Restricted Regime Prisoners April 2016

30th April 2016

The Irish Prison Service Statistics Office has recently published its quarterly census of Restricted Prisoners in the Irish prison system. The result of the April 2016 survey shows that the number of prisoners on restricted regimes has increased by 29 in the overall figure compared to January 2016.

Key facts and figures from the report:

  • Out of the 1,005 prisoners classified as protection prisoners 343 of these were on a restricted regime (Rule 63);
  • 368 prisoners in total were subject to a restricted regime;
  • There are 343 (9% of prison population 3,782) prisoners on protection (Rule 63). 334 of these prisoners were on protection based on their own request;
  • 21 prisoners were restricted in their regimes on grounds of order within their prison (Rule 62);
  • None of the prisoners were restricted due to discipline at the time of making the report (Rule 67, Part 3 Prisons Act 2007).

Read the full findings of the census here (30/04/2016)

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