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Census of Restricted Regime Prisoners July 2017

2nd September 2017

The Irish Prison Services provides the number of prisoners on restricted regimes in Ireland in the Census of Restricted Regime Prisoners July 2017.

In the July Census 2017, it is reported that there are 415 prisoners on restricted regimes, which is a decrease of 15 prisoners from 430 in April 2017 (3.5% decrease).

Rule 63 of the Prison Rules 2007 provides for the protection of vulnerable prisoners, whether at the prisoner’s own request or where the Governor considers it reasonably likely that other prisoners will cause significant harm to the prisoner. 384 prisoners were under the protected prisoner restricted regime, and this was on the request of 368 of these prisoners. In July 2013, the number of prisoners on grounds of order (Rule 63) was recorded as 284, and 10 of these prisoners had requested this action.

There were 7 prisoners reported as being on 23 hours restricted regime (5 prisoners in Cloverhill; 2 prisoners in Midlands) and 3 prisoners on 22-hour restricted regimes (3 prisoners in Wheatfield). This is a decrease in the number of prisoners on 22/23-hour restricted regime from 34 prisoners in April 2017 to 10 in July 2017 (70.5% decrease), and a significant decrease from the 211 prisoners in July 2017 (95% decrease).

Although there has been an increase of 76 prisoners (22.4%) on restricted regimes since the Census of Restricted Regime Prisoners July 2013, from 339 in July 2013 to 415 in July 2017, there has been a significant decrease, of 95%, on the number of prisoners in 22/23 hour restricted regimes (from 211 to 7). There has been a decrease of 143 prisoners (95.3%) on 23hour restricted regimes, from 150 prisoners in July 2013 (Cloverhill (19); Cork (9); Limerick (6); Midlands (10); Mountjoy (46); Portlaoise (20); St Patricks (17); Wheatfield (23)), to 7 in July 2017, and a decrease of 58 prisoners (95%) on 22hour restricted regimes, from 61 prisoners in July 2013 (Cork (1); Portlaoise (4); Wheatfield (56)) to 3 in July 2017.

Key statistics:

  •  415 prisoners in total were subject to a restricted regime
  • 384 prisoners were on grounds of order (Rule 63) (10.4% of prison population 3,686)
  • 16 prisoners restricted on grounds of order (Rule 62)
  • 0 prisoners were restricted due to discipline (Rule 67, Part 3 Prisons Act 2007)

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