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Parole Board Annual Report 2004

30th March 2005

This report re-highlights the same events as it does in its 2003 report. The Parole Board goes on to disapprove of the psychiatric and sex offender programmes, noting that their attendance and formation were poor.

In 2004, the cases of some 43 prisoners were referred to the Board. Of these, 33 prisoners accepted an invitation to participate in the review process. During 2004 the Board made recommendations to the Minister in 61 cases; albeit, a drop from last year’s 74 cases.

When the Parole Board came into existence, all prisoners then serving sentences of eight years or more (including prisoners serving life sentences) were eligible to have their cases considered by the Board. Therefore, when the Board started its work, the backlog of cases was considerable. Where the Board works properly, that backlog should lessen as fewer prisoners would be eligible to come within the Parole Board's remit. The decrease in recommendations in 2004 should be looked upon as a good thing, as it means the Parole Board is doing its job and well.

The Parole Board

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