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Report on In-Cell Sanitation and Occupancy in Irish Prisons July 2016

31st July 2016

The Irish Prison Service Statistics Office has recently published its quarterly statistical analysis of prison population, cell occupancy and in-cell sanitation facts and figures for July 2016.

The report goes assesses the number of cells available in each institution and the number of those cells that are occupied by multiple prisoners. The report further looks into the number of prisoners who either do not have in cell sanitation or have to make use of toilet facilities in the presence of others.

Key statistics from the report:

  • The prison population currently stands at 3,788;
  • 51% (or 1,926) of the total prison population are accommodated in single cells at present;
  • 1,470 prisoners(51%) shared a cell with one other prisoner;
  • 93 cells accommodated 3 prisoners (279 prisoners);
  • 30 cells accommodated 4 or more prisoners (113 prisoners);
  • 55 (1%) of prisoners were required to slop out;
  • 1,725 (46%) prisoners were required to use the toilet in the presence of another;
  • 2,005 (53%) prisoners had access to private toilet facilities;
  • 3 prisoners were in safety observation cells;
  • 11 prisoners were in close observation cells.

Read the full findings of the census here. 

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