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Information on: Spent Convictions and Expungement of Convictions

20th November 2017

In September, IPRT hosted a ‘Working with Conviction’ seminar. At the seminar, an information poster on spent convictions was launched. We also launched two information videos on spent convictions and expungement of convictions, produced by

Following on from this, we are now launching two information sheets, which offer more detailed information. These information sheets are entitled ‘Information on: Spent Convictions’, relevant to offences committed while over 18, and ‘Information on: Expungement of Convictions’, relevant to offences committed while under 18.

The information sheets are intended for guidance purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. The information provided is not exhaustive and a number of exclusions apply. For more information, contact your local Citizens Information centre.

Different rules apply for vetting. If you require more information about vetting, please contact the National Vetting Bureau for more information.

If you/your organisation would benefit from hard copies of either the information sheets or posters, contact Pamela at with your organisation's postal address and the desired number of copies and we will do our best to facilitate the postage of printed materials.

IPRT believes that current spent convictions legislation is too limited and advocates for the introduction of more robust legislation to promote the reintegration of people with convictions.

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