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Probation Service Launch their Joint Strategy on Social Enterprise 2017-2019

15th May 2017

The Probation Service in conjunction with the Department of Justice and Equality and the Irish Prison Service launched their strategy on social enterprise that will engage people with convictions in sustainable employment.

The goal and mission of this strategy is to work with prisoners and social enterprises to create opportunities for sustainable employment for those with convictions.

This initiative, with the support of the Department of Justice and Equality, would lead to active citizenship, safer communities and fewer victims.

This will be achieved by the engagement of multiple stakeholders who are invested in developing social enterprises while also encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation.

The strategy will support development of SE within prisons and through community based organisations partially or fully funded by the Probation Service. It will also support development of SE with new and existing social businesses not currently operating within the criminal justice sector.

See Strategy here.

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