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Have you experienced issues with getting insurance after a conviction?

11th July 2017

The Criminal Justice (Spent Convictions and Certain Disclosures) Act 2016 was signed into law in February 2016. IPRT welcomed the passing of the legislation, but we were disappointed that it did not go further. Our response is available here.

Right now, we would like to hear from people who have experienced issues with getting insurance (home/motor/self-employment/other) due to having previous convictions. This could be:

  •  Difficulties getting insurance quotes
  •  Rejections/refusals
  •  Premiums that are very high
  •  Prohibitive premiums (where the quote is so high, it is impossible)

We want to convince TDs and policy-makers that people with convictions should not be disproportionately penalised by insurance companies. Your (anonymised) stories are always the most effective way to convince policy-makers to change things. We would appreciate if you could share this link with any others who might have insurance stories to share.

Your anonymity is completely guaranteed. IPRT never shares any contact or other details that might identify someone, unless we receive your permission to do so.

If you have experienced any of these difficulties and want to share your story, contact

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