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Invitation to Tender: Breaking the Care to Prison Pipeline

24th November 2017

IPRT is now inviting tenders for the research and production of a report examining the reasons for the over-representation of children in care, or with experience of care, in the criminal justice system in Ireland and identifying the best ways to address and reduce the criminalisation of these young people.

We expect that the final report would include:

  • A literature review of current domestic and international research about the criminalisation of looked after children and young people;
  • Examination of data to establish to what extent children living in residential or secure care are being criminalised at higher rates than other groups of children, including those in other types of care.
  • A significant emphasis on development of policy proposals and recommendations grounded in best practice which support better outcomes for young people at risk of criminalisation in care, including identification of critical points for better interventions and existing gaps in such provision as well as an examination of innovative or successful approaches in other jurisdictions.


  • Postgraduate degree in a relevant discipline;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the care system and criminal justice policy as it relates to children;
  • Solid grounding in international and European human rights standards as they relate to children and young people;
  • Experience in producing high-quality documents to agreed deadlines and within strict word-counts to publication standard;
  • First-rate drafting abilities, exceptional writing skills, attention to detail and ability to adhere to budgetary requirements.

Tender Process and Timeline:

Tendering individuals or organisations must submit a brief tender document as soon as possible or by 18 December 2017 at the latest. Each tender should be no more than 800 words (2 pages) and should include:

  • Profile of the individual making the proposal (with CV as attachment);
  • Details of previous relevant work in this area;
  • Approach/methodology proposed to achieve the key deliverable;
  • Costing (fixed price);
  • Estimated number of days for completing the work.


Tenders should be submitted by e-mail to by noon on 18 December 2017 at the latest.

Queries should be directed to Michelle Martyn, IPRT Senior Research and Policy Projects Manager at

For more information, download the invitation to tender here

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