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Elections 2011

Our current response to preventing and punishing crime is failing and is unsustainable. There is a unique opportunity now for Ireland to enhance the protection of the community while at the same time respecting basic human rights standards. By identifying the most effective and cost-efficient response to the social problem of crime, IPRT called on all parties in 2011, an election year, to commit to a broad programme of evidence-led proposals, leading towards a more effective and a more humane penal system.

Here we present IPRT’s 10 priorities for creating better and safer communities. All of our proposals are backed up by solid evidence and research, presented across a series of Position Papers and Briefings, available on this website.

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10 Steps to Better and Safer Communities

IPRT’s ten priorities for creating better and safer communities, proposals which we believe must be included in a new programme for government.

4 key questions to put to election candidates

Election 2011 could prove to be a key moment of opportunity to achieve important commitments to a programme of penal reform. We need you to raise these issues on the doorsteps.

6 party manifestos - analysis from penal reform perspective

IPRT looks at the party manifestos, and assesses party commitments against our ten key priorities for the next government.

'New prisons need to be built' - 5 party responses

'New prisons need to be built' is one of 25 statements to which the 5 main parties were asked to respond on Votematch...

Seanad Éireann Elections 2011

A brief summary of some of the candidates running in the upcoming Seanad elections who have expressed their views on prison and the criminal justice system.

Presidential Election 2011

In the run up to Ireland's Presidential Election, which will take place on 27th October 2011, IPRT has written to all seven candidates to encourage each to engage with prisoners and penal reform issues during the campaign.

What would you do if you were President?

DIRECTOR'S BLOG: This morning I attended the Barnardos Presidential Debate, a fascinating and exciting morning. I went along partly to raise the issue of children still being detained in adult prison, and those children in St. Patrick's Institution also being excluded from the complaints remit of the Ombudsman for Children.

New Programme for Government offers framework for tackling problems in penal system

Ireland’s leading penal reform campaign organisation has today welcomed the significant proposals for reform in the areas of sentencing and prison policy included in the Programme for Government, 'Government for National Recovery 2011 - 2016'.

The President and Prisoners' Rights

Today is the first time that prisoners have the opportunity to elect the President of Ireland as this is the first Presidential Election since the enactment of the Electoral Amendment Act 2006.

Respect for rights in the penal system with prison as a last resort.



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