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Seanad Éireann Elections 2011

IPRT welcomes the opinions from the following Seanad election candidates who include penal reform and early intervention strategies among the key issues in their campaigns. Let us know if we have missed a candidate:

(in alphabetical order...)

Ivana Bacik's position on problems in the criminal justice system is that they cannot be done away with a 'quick-fix'. Her priority issues within the justice system are: trying to develop a coherent sentencing policy focused on offender rehabilitation and restorative justice for victims, a better resourced Probation Service, and more development for the Drugs Court. Ivana also established the Oireachtas All Party Penal Reform Group in 2009.

Ivana Bacik is a Dublin University candidate.

Read more about Ivana Bacik by accessing her website here.

Sean Barrett believes that many of our institutions are failing Irish citizens by weak social policy provision. He is particularly concerned about the rise in child homelessness (59% in the last seven years) and long waiting lists for people who are in need of essential medical treatment. Sean Barrett is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics at Trinity College Dublin, and was a member of the Economic and Social Council.

Sean Barrett is a Dublin University candidate.

Read more about Sean Barrett by accessing his website here.

James Doorley is a youth and community worker who is also the Assistant Director of the National Youth Council of Ireland. He is committed to the maintenance of comprehensive services for young people, especially those in disadvantaged communities. He is concern is the number of youth services and organisations that have been affected by budget cuts. He wants to see a greater recognition of the work that voluntary youth services do in local communities, and is campaigning for an amendment to the constitution so that children's rights can be strengthened. 

James Doorley is an NUI candidate.

You can read more information about James Doorley here.

Dermot Frost is campaigning for better social supports for key groups in Ireland. He feels that the government need to introduce new policy which sees the causes of homelessness and social disadvantage addressed through strategic planning. He is also campaigning for adequate educational, medical and housing supports for children so that they do not fall into poverty.

Dermot Frost is a Dublin University candidate. 

You can read more information about Dermot Frost here.

Robin Hanan has extensive experience working with the most vulnerable and excluded people in society. He states in his manifesto that Ireland is one of the most unequal societies in Europe with high levels of exclusion and poverty. If elected he has committed himself to protecting the incomes of those who are facing poverty, and to resist cuts to the services important to communities. Robin Hanan was previously CEO/Coordinator of the Irish Refugee Council, European Anti-Poverty Network and Comhlámh.

Robin Hanan is a Dublin University candidate. 

For more information about Robin Hanan click here.

Dr Maurice Guéret writes in his maniefsto that the measure of a humane society is how it treats those who are vulnerable, and he pledges to continue his work in highlighting deficiencies in the treatment of older people, socially disadvantaged children, prisoners and the homeless. Dr Guéret is Chairman of  TRUST, which provides social, health and befriending services for homeless people.

Dr Maurice Guéret is a Dublin University candidate.

For more information about Dr Maurice Guéret click here.

Rosaleen McDonagh cites recent reports on Ireland's prisons among the examples of human rights abuses that must be addressed. McDonagh seeks the full realisation of human rights for a number of marginalised groups, in particular people with disabilities, women who experience violence, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people, and other minority ethnic groups in our society.

Rosaleen McDonagh is a Dublin University candidate. 

Rosaleen McDonagh's website can be accessed here.

Rónán Mullen says that a prison system that does not respect the humanity or rights of prisoners causes more social problems for Ireland. He wants to see an end to slopping out, greater use of community sanctions for non-violent offenders, and for all prisoners to engage with rehabilitation programmes before release.

Rónán Mullen is an NUI candidate. 

For more information about Rónán Mullen click here.

Donncha O'Connell believes that the current criminal justice and penal policy has failed. Donncha's particular focus is in the areas of early intervention, crime prevention, community and intelligence-led policing, and he calls for greater transparency and accountability within the justice system.

Donncha O'Connell is an NUI candidate.

To read more about Donncha O'Connell click here.

William Priestly has been working in the area of educational disadvantage for several years, both in Ireland and the U.S. He wants to see a better response to truancy rates and more supports for the families of children in disadvantaged communities. Class sizes should be smaller, especially in more disadvantaged communities where challenging behaviour is more prevalent.

William Priestly is a Dublin University candidate.

You can access William Priestly's website here. 

Respect for rights in the penal system with prison as a last resort.



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