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Roundup: Reactions to the Inspector of Prisons' Report on St. Patrick’s Institution

17th October 2012

[Updated 19th Oct 2012]

On the evening of 16th October 2012, the Department of Justice released the Report on an Inspection of St. Patrick’s Institution by the Inspector of Prisons, Judge Michael Reilly.

The report details what appear to have been serious and systematic violations of the human rights of boys and young men in St Patrick’s by a minority of prison officers.

The long-awaited report, submitted by the Inspector to the Minister for Justice on 26th June 2012, gives a comprehensive account of treatment of the young people within St. Patrick’s and supports the many calls for the reform and/or closure of the prison over the years.

IPRT’s response to the report, Horrific Report on St. Patrick’s Institution raises questions over continued operation of prison - IPRT, may be read here.

More reactions and various media reports can be found below.

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